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Online lecture on project activities

In the framework of the project # Lecture@minprosvet, an educational stream on social design and project activities was held at Belgorod State University

Evgeny Reutov, candidate of sociological sciences, associate professor at the Belgorod State University, held an online lecture on the topic: Project activities in the system of state and municipal administration: essence, effects and limitations at the media center of Belgorod State University.

The scientist outlined the vector of his lecture and chose social problems as the starting point. According to Evgeny Reutov, they are the engine of project activities. The solution to these problems should begin with a diagnosis of a systemic nature.

Social designing is the construction of a system of actions aimed at solving a problem and realizing a socially significant goal, localized by place, time and resources, he said.

In the lecture, Prof. Reutov spoke about the stages preceding social design in Russia, emphasizing that only knowledge of the history of project activities, comprehensive knowledge of the social situation can bring the desired effect. The lecturer dwelt in detail on the principles of design activities, regulatory documents of the Belgorod region, regulating design activities.

According to Evgeny Reutov, each participant in the project activity should take into account valuable experience and at the same time a load of errors of various historical stages of the project activity.

The lecture was watched by more than a thousand people from Russian cities (Belgorod, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kursk), as well as the United States and Germany.

The video is available at: https://vk.com/video-102554211_456239219

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