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Flora and fauna of Belogorye at BelSU

Belgorod State University opened the exposition and exhibition center "Nature of Belogorye"

The new infrastructure was opened by the 143rd birthday of BelSU. The celebration was attended by representatives of the universitys administration, students, teachers and employees. The rector of BelSU Professor Oleg Polukhin, director of the Institute of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology Irina Spichak, the winner of The Worthy One medal, the postgraduate student of the Belgorod State University Alina Ivaschenkova and the undergraduate biologist Evgeniy Seliverstrov cut the ribbon.

Prof. Oleg Polukhin said that at Belgorod State University there is a tradition to open up modern infrastructure facilities and create new educational spaces in order to improve educational and research activities:

The exposition and exhibition center will be useful for biology students as well as for all visitors, since loving the nature of our region and taking care of it is the duty of every person. We must preserve all the splendor of our land for ourselves and our descendants. I am sure that this place will become a new educational space and will give a new impetus to career-oriented work with schoolchildren.

The rector thanked everyone who was involved in the creation of the new university facility and handed a letter of thanks to the Director of the Belogorye Exhibition and Exhibition Center, Professor Marina Grecitaeva.

Director of the Institute of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology Irina Spichak in her speech emphasized that the opening of the exposition and exhibition center is a landmark event for the institute and the university.

This is a huge work of many generations of people, said Irina Spichak. We tried to collect information about all the famous biologists of the Belogorye, and of course, we paid special attention to the scientists of our university.

According to Irina Spichak, the new infrastructure is a scientifically designed museum, which also has classrooms equipped with modern equipment. Thus, the zoological museum, which has existed at the university since 1978, has been continued in a super-modern exposition and exhibition center, opened on the eve of the 143rd anniversary of Belgorod State University.

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