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Belgorod State University COVID-19 vaccine developments provoked interest among foreign researchers

A report was published on the ENewsTrends channel about the creation of genetically modified mice used to develop a vaccine against coronavirus by a team of Russian scientists, which includes young researchers at the NRU BelSU Scientific Research Institute of Pharmacology of Living Systems

According to an ENewsTrends channel report, a scientific study on the creation of special genetically modified mice that will become a test system for the development of anticoronavirus vaccines and drugs was published in early May in the Research Results in Pharmacology journal.

It gives a detailed account of the two-stage concept developed by scientists, aimed at obtaining mice that are safe for research and effective for clinical trials.

According to scientists, the results should be expected as early as June, as all the conditions for conducting experiments are provided today. The Experimental Biological Clinic of the NRU BelSU is going to be one of the testing sites for vaccines and drugs against coronavirus. The scientific work is carried out within the framework of the world-class Belgorod scientific and educational center "Innovative solutions in the Agricultural Sector."

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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