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Student Initiatives approved by the Rector

Oleg Polukhin met with representatives of the NRU BelSU II Student Rector Advisers Council online

A set of questions and suggestions was considered during the regular meeting of the NRU BelSU Rector Student Advisers. A student of the Institute of Engineering and Digital Technologies, Kirill Martynov, presented the first results of the implementation of the university student appeal system to the Rector Advisers.

- An appeal directly to the Rector Advisers is a good form of communication that expands the relationship between the university leadership and the student community, - said Oleg Polukhin.

Kristina Shevtsova, a master`s degree student at the Institute of Social Sciences and Mass Communications, told about the implementation of a project to create infographics for the NRU BelSU students, representing COVID-19 counteraction measures, and presented the logo of the Council Meeting. The Rector approved the emblem layout and proposed to issue official advisers ID cards with the use of the logo. Anastasia Lazareva, a student at the Institute of Economics and Management, made a proposal for an interactive game for applicants called Industrial Revolution Workshop: who should I be? What to become? The Rector also appreciated the proposal of the science committee of the Rector Advisers Council meeting presented by Valeria Semykina on holding a futuristic videos and essay posts contest called How has my life changed since self-isolation? Oleg Polukhin made a proposal to set up an educational creative information space on the windowless staircase walls. Following the meeting, all key decisions were accepted for execution. The next meeting will be held in late June online.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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