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BelSU researchers developed tough ductile multi-element alloys

High entropy alloys developed at the BelSU Research Institute for Material Sciences and Innovative Technologies in collaboration with the colleagues form Kharkov Physics and Technology Institute will be utilized in aircraft industry and medicine

The research of high entropy alloys supported by the Presidents Program for Research Projects, Russian Science Foundation (RSF), was conduced by the BelSU researchers and headed by Prof. Gennadiy Salishev, Head of the Laboratory for Nanostructured Materials.

The researcher faced the goal to achieve low ductility of refractory metal alloys that causes their speeded failure. The researchers proposed some novel titanium-enriched materials containing tin and tantalum. The samples were exposed to tensile testing. The experiments proved that the new materials are characterized by high strain hardening, i.e. their fracture strength is notably increased while being strained and they remain hard. The effect is produced due to the phase change: soft phase under strain is gradually substituted by a harder one.

Compared to the alloy that we initially used its hardness increased by 3.5 times while the ductility increased by 35 %. As for the main area of the allows application we consider it to be the aircraft industry. The alloys will be also feasible for production of light and durable airframe parts. They can be also utilized for implant production for orthopedics and traumatology, commented the results the Senior Research Officer of the laboratory Nikita Stepanov.

The research work is published in the magazine ScientificReports.


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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