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BelSU Rector signed admission orders for the doctoral programs

BelSU Rector Oleg Polukhin signed orders of enrollee admission for the doctoral programs in the first tide

At present 231 doctoral students have been admitted to the study at doctoral programs, 141 of them will study at the state-funded openings including 24 students due to contracts of employer-sponsored education. During the admission campaign over 360 applications for 25 fields of study were processed (i.e. 69 educational programs) that increased the number of the previous year by 22%. The competition to fill the openings in some fields of study was 3 candidates per opening. The most popular among the prospective doctoral students were such fields of study as Law, Economics, Informatics and Computer Science, Clinical and Fundamental Medicine, Language Science and Literature Studies, Education and Pedagogics. The doctoral programs enrollees took entrance examinations in Philosophy, Foreign Languages and Major. The priority of admission to the state-funded openings could avail the enrollees having personal achievements. Thus, 70% of the applicants had impressive research background supported by the portfolio publications in scientific journals listed in Web of Science and Scopus databases as well as in VAK journals, participation in various grant programs, diplomas and awards of municipal, regional, and federal scientific work contests.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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