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Innovative developments by NRU BelSU earned high awards at the international exhibition

BelSU delegation participated in international exhibition of innovations HI-TECH-2020 in Saint Petersburg

NRU BelSU presented its projects in mechanical engineering, metallurgy and metal processing chemistry, instrument engineering, energy efficiency, neurotechnologies and artificial brain. This year BelSU has been awarded with three gold medals and five silver medals of the technical exhibition. Among the award-winning projects were the project initiated by the Division of General Chemistry at the Institute of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology Technologies of Extraction of Biologically Active Anthocyanin with High Antioxidant Properties and the Relevant Functional Food Products, Cosmetic Products and Solar Batteries headed by Viktor Deyneka and Nina Myachikova, two projects of BelSU Research Institute of Material Science and Innovative Technologies Development and Industrialization of Coordinated Technologies of Additive Manufacturing, Friction Stir Welding and Liquid-Phase Isostatic Hot Pressing for Critical Aluminum-Alloy Parts Production with High Structural Energy Performance headed by Damir Tagirov and the project Method of Treatment of Copper Wire for Electric Purposes headed by Rustam Kaibishev.

There were projects awarded with the diplomas and silver medals including the project on Automated System of Intellectual Technical Vision for Essential Data Collection and Processing in Cattle Production Management headed by Olga Ivashuk, Digital Ultraviolet Communication Module headed by Igor Konstantinov, Mechanical Treatment Device for Contractures of Different Origin headed by Vladislav Dubrov, Developing Integrating Technology for Gypsum Containing Arising to be Used in Raw Material Production of Organo-Mineral Fertilizers headed by Ivan Nikulin and the project on Highly Efficient Thermoelectrical Converter headed by Sergey Sergeev.

NRU BelSU was awarded with the diploma for active involvement in the HI-TECH exhibition and its input in the development of innovative technologies and hi-tech production in Russia.


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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