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NRU BelSU initiated the City Farmer program of further education

The program trainees will acquire advanced knowledge and experience in fish farming, crop farming and aquaponics

The education process is organized by the Centre of Competencies Development providing a wide range of programs in the fields of study under CER Innovative Solutions in Agri-Business. The City Farmer program manager Tatiana Glubsheva, Candidate of Agriculture Sciences, Associate Professor of Biology Division at BelSU Institute of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology noted that a city farmer profession has good prospects and is capable to ensure national food safety.

The experts will teach the program trainees the basic technologies of city farming such as intensive fish farming, crop farming and aquaponics, seaweed culture. According to Tatiana Glubsheva the trainees will gain skills of project management and automated complexes management, learn how to grow organic crops, get experience of lean production technologies application.

The classes are held at the Laboratory of Genetics and Plants Selection at BelSU REC Botanical Garden, at the Biology Division availing unique facilities for student research and study.

Among the program trainees were CEO and staff of agriculture enterprises, farm holdings and other specialists interested in the professional agenda.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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