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The legal legacy of BelSU Honorable Professor

Belgorod State University became the venue of the International Research and Practice Conference Constitutionalism: Symbiotic Relationship of Science and Practice to commemorate BelSU Honorable Professor Nikolay Vitruk

BelSU Law Institute divisions the Division of Constitutional and International Law and the Division of Theory and History of State and Law became the organizers of the conference. The robust discussions proved that the ideas of the well-known scientist of Russia have not lost edge at present.

Evgeniy Tonkov, the Director of BelSU Law Institute opened the conference with a welcome speech. He underlined that Belgorod law school owes its formation and development to the outstanding Russian lawyer and statesman, the Honorable Lawyer of Russia, the retired judge of the Constitutional Court of Russia Nikolay Vitruk.

For many years Nikolay Vitruk cooperated with the Law Institute, conducted public lectures for students, was a member of the Dissertation Council and Professor of the Law Institute Division. The Instituted provided services at the Education and Methodology Office named after N.V. Vitruk availing a library composed of the literature presented by the professor from his personal collection, shared his memories Evgeniy Tonkov.

The conference work was organized through discussions via videoconferencing which were dedicated to the theoretical issues of constitution, legal status of a person and legal responsibility. Vladislav Turanin, the Head of the Division of Theory and History of State and Law moderated the student and lecturer debates about the Vitruks legacy from the perspective of the modern legal-theoretical science. The conference participants exchanged their opinions on the topic and shared impressions of their meetings with Nikolay Vitruk, gave evaluation of his works from the point of view of the up-to-date trends in theory of state and law.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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