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The University maintain an online dialogue with international students

There was a meeting with the students from Arab states held by NRU BelSU via videoconferencing to give answers to the pressing issues

The meeting was arranged on the Zoom platform. Among the participants were the Director of the Centre for Education Export Dmitriy Sribniy, the Vice Head of the Medical Institute Larisa Ivanova, the Vice Head of the Preparatory Faculty, the Tutor of the Arab Students Community Elena Nazarenko, monitors of BelSU Arab Students Community and over 200 first-year students and trainees of the Preparatory Faculty. The meeting agenda included issues of safety, measures to guard against COVID-19, visas application, education management etc.

Elena Nazarenko reminded of the dormitory rules to the students residing at the campus and proposed to keep from visiting crowding areas. She told them about the activities provided by the medical volunteers and doctors represented also by BelSU graduates from Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Yemen and Palestine.

Larisa Ivanova told about the distance learning management and reminded of the contacts of the relevant universitys services and divisions in case of emergency and arising question. Dmitriy Sribniy answered the students questions related to visas extension and entry procedures after elimination of the restrictions.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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