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NRU BelSU became an international venue for discussing the present challenges faced nowadays by the young people

The IV annual round table Young people as the major creative power in the contemporary world was held at the Centre for Intercultural Communication

The Centre for Intercultural Communication was chosen as the location for the annual round table on the topic Young people are the major creative power in the modern world dedicated to International Student Day and International Tolerance Day. This year among the participants were students and lecturers from Russia, Angola, Brazil, Vietnam, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Columbia, Peru, Syria, Uzbekistan and Ecuador. The event was held via videoconferencing. The participants from different countries where the time zone prevented them from making a report in the real time had a chance to record their video address.

BelSU Vice Rector For International Cooperation Vladislav Kuchmistiy and the Director of Department for Discipline Margarita Varfolomeeva congratulated the participants with International Student Day and International Tolerance Day underlining the importance of the similar events for meeting the global threats in the world. The UN Ambassador of Good Will, the Adviser of the International UN Court in Brussels Alaa Naser Abushavar highly evaluated the activities by the BelSU medical volunteers. In his report he touched upon the problem of the global threats for peoples health and highlighted the role of the young people in meeting them.

The Council Chair of the Belgorod Region Division of the Assembly of Russian Nations Nabigulla Bgamaev underlined the importance of the work aimed at the cultivation of positive mindset and prevention of extremisms among young people and the student community and wished the participants peace and well-being. During the round table there were also a productive opinions exchange and interesting ideas proposals.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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