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The prospective students get acquainted with BelSU via videoconferencing

Doors Open Day was held at BelSU Engineering College via videoconferencing

The educational divisions of Belgorod State University have launched Doors Open Day. The first was BelSU Engineering College to organize hold it via videoconferencing. Svetlana Zhukova, the college Director addressed the prospective students and their parents with a welcome speech. She briefly told about the division history, the fields of study and qualifications as well as of the employment opportunities for the graduates.

We are delighted to welcome all the participants who joined our meeting today. I hope it will help you to learn many interesting facts about our college and to make the right choice for those who is not certain about their field of study yet. We will be happy to see you at our counseling centre at 64 Preobrazhenskaya Street that will be open right after the Ney Year Holidays, noted Svetlana Zhukova.

Svetlana Khizhnyak, the College Vice-Director for Social Work underlined that the key to success in the future profession are cutting-edge high-tech facilities and BelSU Engineering College avails the corresponding classrooms and labs equipped with the technical teaching aids.

The Doors Open Day was composed of demonstrating presentation reels about the college, answering questions of the prospective students and their parents concerning internships and the university admission prospects upon college graduation, the admission regulations in 2021. One can access the video of the Doors Open Day by following the link to BelSU group in VKontakte and YouTube - https://vk.com/beluniversity?w=wall-102554211_13847



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