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NRU BelSU retain its top position in the international RUR rating

According to the Round University Rankings (RUR) Belgorod State University demonstrate high indicators in four subject areas The Humanities, Technical Sciences, Medical Sciences and Life Sciences.

In 2020 NRU BelSU entered the Bronze League of the rating in two subject areas Technical Sciences and The Humanities. 757 universities worldwide and 66 Russian universities were evaluated by those subject ratings.

In The Humanities BelSU is positioned on the 5th place among Russian universities and on the 320th place in the world. As for the Technical Sciences it takes the 11th place in Russia and the 346th place in the world. Belgorod State University has been highly rated by its education level (in the Humanities subject area) that corresponds to the 41st place in the world.

This year the global leader in The Humanities has been represented by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (the USA). Lomonosov Moscow State University has been the leader among Russian universities. In the Technical Sciences the first place has been taken by Oxford University (the UK). ITMO University has been ahead of other Russian higher education institutes.

In Medical Sciences and Life Sciences Belgorod State University has been included in the so called Copper League. In Medical Sciences NRU BelSU retained the 13th place among Russian universities. In certain categories of this subject rating BelSU is listed in the top-200 universities: the university has improved its position as it refers to the international activity of medical students reaching the 192nd place and the 179th place in the financial sustainability. In Life Sciences BelSU is listed on the 14th place among other 46 Russian universities and the 453rd place among 690 universities worldwide.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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