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The active phase of the mid-term exams started at NRU BelSU

Russian and international students including those from Egypt and the UAE return to the university to pass the exams and continue their studies

There was a meeting of Coordination Board on the University Management under COVID-19 Conditions held at BelSU via videoconferencing. The meeting was headed by the Rector Oleg Polukhin. The Vice-Rector for Education Alexander Mamatov reported on education management under the increased risk of the new infection spread. According to Alexander Mamatov, special attention is paid to the intermediate students evaluation on distance.

Speaking about the control over the international students entry to Russia and providing educational for the students staying abroad, the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation Vladislav Kuchmistiy noted that 18 countries have opened their borders with Russia, 65 visa invitations have already been sent to the international students, 26 students from Egypt and the UAE have arrived to study at National Research University. According to the Director of the Department of Social Work, Tatyana Nikulina, the students returning to the university after holidays pass health control. Currently, the lists of people wishing to be vaccinated against the coronavirus infection are being formed.


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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