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The Rector of Belgorod State University told about the Admission Campaign-2021

The Interfax Media Agency press-center hosted a press-conference of BelSU Rector on the admission campaign

On June 1 BelSU will begin accepting applications for all modes of study at Bachelor, Specialist, Master and Doctoral programs. The day before BelSU Rector Oleg Polukhin attended a press conference for journalists where he talked about the advantages of education at the university, incentives for applicants, specificity of the admission campaign this year. He underlined that students from all regions of Russia and 90 countries are educated at BelSU today.

Last year over eight thousand young people were enrolled to the university which is listed all prestigious world rankings. Recently it has been announced that for the fifth year in a row we were listed in TOP-100 universities of Shanghai subject ranking one of the most authoritative in the world, said the Rector.

The most vital quested asked by journalists and perspective students was the number of state-funded places allotted. The Rector paid attention to the fact that this year the university has been allocated 3654 state-funded places.

The Head of the Department of Pre-University Education and Admission, Executive Secretary of Admission Committee Alexander Galtsev spoke in more detail about the specific features of the admission campaign this year. He noted that the admission campaign will be held mainly via videoconferencing. All the information about documents submission and admission campaign dates has been posted in Applicant section on the university website.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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