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Belgorod State University will promote the KVN movement

Vyacheslav Gladkov, the head of the region, visited educational sites of KVN School of the official league of International KVN Union Trempel at Belgorod State University Recreation Complex Nezhegol

The event was also attended by Oleg Polukhin, Rector of Belgorod State University, Natalia Zubareva, Deputy Governor of Belgorod Region, Konstantin Kurgansky, Head of Culture Department of Belgorod Region, Nikita Rumyantsev, Deputy of Belgorod Region Duma and Vladimir Zhdanov, Head of Shebekinsky District.

The guests visited educational sites of Club of the Funny and Inventive (KVN) School which will be held until August 12.

The school was attended by 70 representatives of KVN Junior League representatives of municipalities, universities, young workers.

Young people will take part in brainstorming and master-classes Setting on the Stage and What is a business card in KVN? held by the editors of the official KVN League Trempel and the champions of KVN Premier League Vyatka team headed by Dmitry Bushuyev. They will also master the basics of editing and take part in Improvisation show.

The organisers informed that they intend to create three KVN leagues: a school league, a college league, and a student league.

Oleg Polukhin, BelSU Rector, noted that it is important to prepare for all upcoming games and create a strong university team, especially since our students have already gained experience and won in the top KVN league.



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