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The new academic year will see an increase of scholarships rate

Introduction of the state academic and welfare scholarships for full-time students from 1st September was one of the issues discussed at the conference of the Academic Board at Belgorod State University

Tatiana Nikulina, the Director of BelSU Social Policy Department proposed to increase the state academic and welfare scholarships expenditure by 3.7% from the federal budget. She noted that the university guided by the recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and regulations of the Government of the Russian Federation will increase the scholarship payment due to the inflation rate.

The members of the Academic Board approved the increase of scholarships rate, which will be envisaged by the order signed by the Rector Oleg Polukhin.

Thus, the basic state academic scholarship will rise up to 1950 rubles from 1st September, 2021. Students with good or excellent grades will receive 2400, but only if they get at least 50% excellent grades as a result of examination period. The scholarship for good students will amount to 2200 rubles. Those who can succeed with 100% excellent grades will receive a scholarship of 3650 rubles.

The increased scholarship for students with 240 points or higher on the basis of USE results will amount to 3900 rubles. The increased state scholarship will be 10700 rubles.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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