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Dentistry development prospects have been determined at the BelSU

Implementation of the development program of the Department for General Dentistry for year 2022 and its goals have been discussed by BelSU Council for the Development of Education, International Activities, and Social and Educational Work

Arman Oganesian, Head of the Department for General Dentistry, spoke on interim results of the Department development program for 2019-2022. Cooperation with leading scholars and specialized regional clinics has enabled the department to move to a new level in educational and scientific activity.

The international activity of the department includes the implementation of medical residency and postgraduate programs for international students, linguistic training for the faculty and the publishing of joint research papers in foreign high-ranking journals.

The department is now developing academic programs and electronic teaching materials for new academic subjects.

Head of the Department mentioned a preliminary agreement to arrange a department for maxilla-facial surgery based the Belgorod Outpatient Clinic 2 as a prospective line of development.

As for scientific activities, in the short term the department is about to carry out a series of cross-disciplinary research projects with the involvement pharmacists, material scientists, and other specialists. Professor Oleg Polukhin, Rector of BelSU, stressed the need for the department to extend cooperation with research centers, such as Voronezh State University. He also ordered the Head of the Department and the Dean of the Dentistry Faculty to determine the area of the department research interests and to update its development program up to 2022.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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