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BelSU researchers patented inventions in the field of wireless communication

The developments will enable transmitting information over long distances in extreme conditions

BelSU researchers have achieved the goal to create protected high-speed networks based on ultraviolet data transmission channels. The signals transmission in the nanometer range allows to avoid the lack of a line-of-sight between communication nodes due to signal re-reflection at the upper layers of the atmosphere (buildings, structures, etc.). It was important to increase the communication channel capacity and networks performance as a whole, which is crucial for voice and video transmission in real time. According to the project manager, Associate Professor Sergey Lazarev, the developed device will enable to increase communication reliability and its range while there is a line-of-sight between the network subscribers and moving and rotating of mobile communication nodes.

The competitive benefit that determines the cost-effectiveness of the new method consists in hardware costs improvement by reducing the number of channels for transmitting and receiving optical signals. As it was noted by Dmitry Ushakov, one of the developers, simultaneous transmission via two independent communication channels is provided due to the code division modulation, which ensures the increased system operation speed and its secrecy in comparison with the analogues.

According to the preliminary calculations, the speed of information transmission in the ultraviolet range will be increased by more than ten times compared to the signal produced by electro-optical light modulator with the Pockels effect.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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