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The X International N.N. Strakhovs Recital to commemorate the anniversary of F.M. Dostoevsky

The series of scientific events included the symposium Together with N. N. Strakhov: to commemorate the 200th anniversary of F. M. Dostoevsky and the Youth Laboratory of Slow Recital F.M. Dostoevsky. Crime and Punishment: Remarks of N. N. Strakhov

The X International N.N. Strakhovs Recital N. Strakhov in Intellectual History of Russia: Interlocutors, Opponents, Researchers was organized by Belgorod State University in collaboration with the Department of Russian Classical Literature of Gorky of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The Department has been a longstanding partner of ISRC Intellectual History of Russia and Regional Biographical Studies being the main centre for N. Strakhov's heritage research in Belgorod region.

The symposium brought together the leading Russian and international academics from World Literature Institute of RAS, Belgorod State University, St. Petersburg State University, Abkhaz State University, Gogol House and Moscow State Pedagogical University. Over twenty scientific reports on F.M. Dostoevsky, N.N. Strakhov and their cooperation and friendship were made at the symposium.

The students from BelSU Department of Philosophy and Theology, the Department of Russian Language and Russian Literature and Moscow State Pedagogical University took part in the work of the laboratory. The participants discussed the specific features of N. N. Strakhov's literary style and language that reveal his personality.

The lab dialogue was open for many young researchers and raised more questions rather than answered them that was the intended effect of the discussion, according to the organizers.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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