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Belgorod State University awarded the best international students

BelSU Centre for Intercultural Communication organized the awarding ceremony to mark the by international students achievements in studies, sports, social and cultural activities

The awarding ceremony was conducted by the Vice-Rector for Education and Youth Policy of Belgorod State University Svetlana Ostrikova. She thanked the international students for their engagement in proactive lifestyle.

Six international students were awarded with Belgorod State University Diploma of Honour for their social activities and also on the occasion of International Students' Day, another 13 were awarded with the Universitys Letters of Gratitude. All in all there were 19 representatives of the following institutes: Intercultural Communication and International Relations; Economics and Management; Earth Sciences; Pharmacy, Chemistry and Biology; Medical and Law Institutes.

The Director of the Centre for Intercultural Communication Olga Lutova announced the congratulations letters on International Students' Day which were received from all over the world and wished the audience good health, peace and wellbeing.

The holiday was held in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The activists of the international student associations and the Centre for Intercultural Communication prepared a musical gift the song We are young which was performed by Kenia Dorshar and Natascha Lukset.


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