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Belgorod State University developing Russian-Cuban cooperation

Belgorod State University hosted a roundtable meeting Moscow-Havana: Traditions of Friendship and Cooperation

The event was held via videoconferencing and organized together with Belgorod Branch of the Russian Association for Friendship with Cuba (RSPC) and the multi-regional public organization Soviet Military Veterans in Cuba.

Olga Prokhorova, the Director of the Institute of Intercultural Communication and International Relations, welcomed the participants and trainees. She stressed the importance of the Institute's scientific collaboration with the international partners.

The roundtable participants discussed various issues including the course of events during the Cuban-Caribbean crisis in 1962, establishment and development of the Soviet-Cuban relations in 1960s-1980s and their current state.

Belgorod residents the participants of the friendly mission to Cuba in 1962 Vasily Vasilyev, Anatoly Prydvorov and Victor Yefimov spoke at the conference to share their memories and answer questions of the audience. The lecturers of the Department of International Relations, Foreign Regional Studies and Political Science Olga Timoshkova, Andrey Uryvsky, as well as students and graduate students took part in the discussion of the issues raised.

It should be added that the day before the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation of Belgorod State University, the Co-Chairman of Belgorod Branch of the Russian Association of Friendship with Cuba Vladislav Kuchmisty received a Letter of Commendation for participation in the All-Russian fund-raising action to provide humanitarian aid to Cuba.



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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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