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2 March 2015 Eugeniy Savchenko: Biology is an endless realm of possibilities
In BelSU the work group discussed a creation of the Regional Microbiology Center (RMC).
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27 February 2015 BelSU students became participants of an International Legal Forum
The III International Legal Forum Juridicial Protection of the Intellectual Property: Issues of the Theory and Practice took place in Moscow State Law University (MSLU).
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26 February 2015 Vladimir Kulikovskiy surgeon, teacher, headmaster
Prof. Oleg Polukhin, principal of BelSU, congratulated Vladimir Kulikovskiy, headmaster of BelSU Medical Institute with 65 years jubilee.  

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25 February 2015 Young scientists from BelSU became the holders of Presidential scholarship
BelSU scientists Olga Lukjanova, Vadim Dmitriev and Svetlana Syrotina became winners of Presidential scholarship contest.

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20 February 2015 Friendly attitude is the best way of adaptation
The mindset difference is one of the most difficult things of adaptation in a foreign country. 30% of students who underwent internship in foreign universities thinks so.
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