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27 January 2015 BelSU scientists invented a new veterinary preparation
The specialists of the small innovative enterprise ProBioBelSU developed a probiotic, which allows improving the quality of livestock product. This preparation influences the increase of weight gain of cattle and poultry and raises the immunity of animals.

23 January 2015 BelSU postgraduate Sergei Shevchenko won the Aconcagua peak in South America
BelSU postgraduate Sergei Shevchenko planted flags of BelSU, Belgorod and the Belgorod region, and an icon Saint Ioasaf on the highest mountain of the South America Aconcagua in Andes. It is 6970 meters high.

21 January 2015 BelSU student became a silver medalist of a track-and-field championship
Elena Nikulina, student of BelSU Physical education department became a record-holder in the transregional track-and-field championship at 400 meters race.

19 January 2015 BelSU executives underwent training in SKOLKOVO
BelSU representatives underwent training in the New higher education leaders-2014 program housed by Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

2 January 2015 BelSU summarized the scientific work in 2014
The rise of extent of the research and R&D works, rise of publishing activity and increase of patents quantity became the scientists main achievements in the expiring year.

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